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Q: How can I make a booking?

A: You can book our services either via phone or via our website, based on your needs.

Q: What are ‘one-way’ and ‘return’ bookings?

A: A one-way booking is a single journey from A to B, such as from the airport to your hotel. The price is based on the number of miles driven. A return booking is a two-way journey from A to B and back again, such as from the airport to your hotel and then back from the hotel to the airport a few days later.

Q: How much waiting time do I get with additional pickup and drop offs?

A: Each via allows five minutes of waiting time per pick up, the driver may charge extra if this is exceeded. Costs are at the discretion of drivers. If you require additional waiting time, this should be agreed with the transport company before the booking takes place.

Q: Do you offer special seats for children?

A: All our cars are fully equipped with seats for children so that won’t be a problem, we will offer dedicated children seats whenever you need them.

Q: Can I request a wheelchair-accessible taxi near me?

A: Yes, we recommend at the time of your booking with 69ers, please let us know you require wheelchair-access. We will make sure to provide you when you start your journey.

Q: What details do I have to offer?

A: You should let us know when you want to reach the airport if you want to go towards the airport or you should contact us a few hours before your flight takes off if you plan on using our service from the airport towards Dunstable, Luton, Thorn, Houghton Regis or anywhere. Leave some extra time in case there are flight issues or you arrive earlier. You should also share the flight number with us. Also, factor in the customs time as well.

Q: Do you need to know the flight number or terminal building?

A: It's best you give us the flight number or airline name, from this, we can work the rest out. Don't worry if you don't know the terminal number.

Q: Where do I meet my driver when I land at the airport?

A: Your driver will be waiting for you in arrivals holding a 'meet & greet' board with your name clearly written on it. Ensure you provided a working mobile number and your phone is switched on. We will try and contact you if we have any difficulty finding you. Please take a note of our phone number this is sent in your booking confirmation email so you can ring us should you need to.

Q: Can I change booking details or cancel the booking?

A: You can change details via phone and you can also cancel the order but you have to do that at least 24 hours beforehand. Any cancellation request that will be sent after that will not be taken into account.

Q: Can I contact you if there are any issues with the trip?

A: Yes, you can contact us via chat, mail or via phone. We will reply very fast to all of these mediums so just select the one that offers the most convenience.

Q: What happens if I am late or the driver can’t be found by me?

A: Drivers have to wait for 15 minutes, if they choose to wait more and they will still take you there might be some feels involved for extra waiting time. This is at the driver’s discretion and he will choose any extra fees which can be negotiated.

Q: What if the system does not see my address?

A: Our system is continually expanded upon and improved. If this does happen, just enter a location right near yours and if that doesn’t work, just contact us as fast as possible as we will remedy the issue within minutes.

Q: Can I receive a receipt?

A: Yes, our service allows you to get one online but in case you can’t get one just send us a mail with your issue and include the mail address we should send the invoice/receipt to. We will share the receipt very fast, usually in less than 1 hour during working days.

Q: Is the payment secure?

A: Yes, this payment is 100% safe, and we do not store your card details on our system.

Q: What is 69ers Passenger Safety policy?

A: We’ve taken a rigorous approach to ensuring the companies and drivers we work with are the best and safest operators in the UK because your Safety is our priority. Every one of our partner companies is licensed with the Public Carriage Office (PCO) and are fully insured. Also, they all guarantee an exceptional level of customer service via email and over the phone. Our partners are fully licensed with the PCO, which means:
- Drivers have passed criminal record checks with the Criminal Records Bureau.
- Drivers have passed medical checks.
- Drivers hold valid UK driver’s licenses.
- All cars are less than five years old and checked for safety every six months.

Q: Do I need to have an account with you to book a taxi?

A: No, you can book a taxi without an account, however, creating an account provides an easy way to manage all of your taxi bookings in one place.

Q: Are 69ers Taxi drivers licensed?

A: Yes, it is required by UK Law that all taxi companies are licensed by the Public Carriage Office or Transport for London.